Don’t it always seem to go …

Almost every day I’m able to find something to celebrate. This week I:
– started walking with one crutch
– drove myself to work for the first time since May
– went down the stairs to the basement
– drove to the velodrome to watch some racing
– rode in the big ring (briefly!) on the trainer, then took a shower (also first since May)

The downside is that there is always an excuse to open a bottle of wine in celebration. The recycling bin is getting pretty full with empties.

Joking aside, it occurred to me that we shouldn’t need a traumatic experience to find a reason to celebrate — every day. All these little things that you can do, every day, you don’t fully appreciate until you can’t do them.

I suppose it really is like the Joni Mitchell lyric: “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.” Maybe that is unavoidable. Maybe once I’m fully functional it will all feel different.

Then again I will always have this “zipper” going up the side of my leg, and the hunk of steel on the other side of it, to remind me.


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One response to “Don’t it always seem to go …

  1. I remind myself of that all of the time too. And with my family I always seem to be reminded of how lucky I am so I am almost always happy and grateful.

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