It’s all new

I’ve had lots of new experiences over the last 4 months — not ones I really care to experience again, but I realize you don’t always get to choose.

One of the latest: a couple of weeks ago I pulled on a pair of shorts. Same shorts that I’ve pulled on many times before. And I suddenly became aware that, damn, they are uncomfortably tight. As if on cue, a button popped off.

Is that how it happens? One day you put on the same clothes you put on the day before, and suddenly realize they are tight?

The scale confirmed. So I’ve got the double whammy of losing fitness AND gaining weight. Booyah.

In the weeks after surgery, I didn’t have much appetite. I actually lost a few pounds. Slowly my appetite came back, but my activity level didn’t match. Couple that with the need to have ‘comfort food’ like biscotti every time I had coffee (which was often). Not a problem when you can ride 250 miles a week, but a problem when you ride 0.

This is all new. I’ve written about riding to eat. Now I’m in the position of eating so that I’m not a slug when I get back outside on the road. I’d rather not have to swap all my current cassettes for ‘pie plates’ in order to get up the hills.

Essentially I’ve been giving up breads (mostly), sugars (except for wine), and junk (with a few exceptions). Here’s the interesting thing: once making the food adjustment and staying with it, I don’t feel like I need to eat and eat and eat like I normally do. Which makes me think: that is a habit — enjoyable though it may be.

I’ve also discovered that your fat gets cold when on the trainer and the fan is blowing on it.


For those who are interested: I was able to walk 1 full mile today at the Polo Field. Using a cane still, but only lightly. Then rode 1:20 on the trainer. Hoping to be on the road sooner than later, but we’ll see what the doctor says this week.



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4 responses to “It’s all new

  1. I think you’ll find that once your activity level goes up again, those “comfort pounds” will naturally come off.
    My two favorites calorie-dense foods are chocolate (almost always dark) and cheese. I think if I stopped eating both of those food items, I would waste away to nothing 🙂

    Ride to eat.

    • Brian

      well then … just had some ‘grass-fed local cheddar’ (well the cow ate grass, not the cheese) to go with some wine. dark chocolate next?

  2. Jim

    Don’t sweat the small stuff, Turns out nitroglycerine, alcohol, tobacco, strychnine, cocaine, amphetamines, caffeine, steroids, and growth hormones are good for you.

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