Do it man

first ride

This is the post I’ve been waiting 132 days to write.

It almost happened last week, but I was still feeling a little too nervous so decided to wait another week … at least. I knew I wasn’t going to forget how to ride, but the thought of balancing on two wheels and coordinating the movements to clip in, clip out, put my foot down, start up again, seemed a bit daunting.

I emailed Tris and said “today might be the day” … but that I was anxious just thinking about it.

“Do it man. Even a short ride around the block will be a big boost”, he wrote back.

So I did it. First in running shoes, to the end of the street. It was easier than I thought it would be. I got changed and put my cycling shoes on. My WAS Labs jersey still had a number from the last RATL pinned on.

2 miles around the neighborhood and I felt ready to head out on the road. I’d been telling people I would try a short ride, but I knew that I was going to try to push it farther, as much as I could anyway.

It turned out better than expected. Nervous at first, but that got better. It felt amazingly good to be on the road, but at the same time every pedal stroke reminded me that I have a steel plate in my leg. It was a strange sensation to be going up a hill, slowly, knowing that I just could not push the pedals any harder. I wanted to tell every car or bike that passed me, “hey, I broke my femur 4 months ago, this is as fast as I can go”.

In the end, it added up to 60km and a bit over 2 hours, including the initial riding around the neighborhood. Way more than I had hoped for, and faster than I was expecting.

And I can eat pizza tonight without it adding to my waist (the best part).



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3 responses to “Do it man

  1. Anonymous

    Welcome back. Let’s ride …

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