Love from a cane

Having one of those days (or weeks) where all you get is crap from others? Here’s a tip: get a cane, or crutches.

This morning someone said ‘excuse me’ and moved out of the way so I could get coffee. Three different people (including the VP of Advanced Technology) opened the door for me.

Last weekend at the farmers’ market in Chagrin Falls I noticed people would move aside to give me room to walk, or pull their kids out of the way, lest they bump in to me.

It’s rather startling. And makes me think: why do we need such an excuse to show some simple kindness to another person, or just to have some basic manners?

I think my daughter knew this, instinctively: back when she was maybe 7 years old, she asked for a set of crutches for Christmas, just to be able to walk around on them. I think she knew: people would be nicer.

There is another side to the coin, though. After 4+ months of this, I’ve found myself wanting to say, “C’mom man, I’m capable, you don’t need to treat me like I can’t open a door.”

Kind of ironic that I’d rather have them treat me like crap, just like they do to everyone else.



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2 responses to “Love from a cane

  1. Jim

    Alice HAS to use a cane much of the time (at least until her surgery) and you are correct. People seem to go out of their way to show courtesy.

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