… with a little help …


This is one big note of thanks to teammates and friends in the cycling community — local, and beyond: all those who sent cards, get-well-wishes, and most importantly words of encouragement and support. (and, today, all the birthday wishes)

Perhaps you don’t — and before this I didn’t — appreciate the impact that it has. Without that contact it would have been much easier to withdraw and feel isolated.

Or doubt being able to get through it. When everyone just assumes that you’ll be on the bike again, you start to believe it yourself.

So here we are, not quite 5 months out, and I was able to celebrate a birthday with a 50 mile ride. Back in May I couldn’t imagine doing that. Even 10 days ago, it hardly seemed possible.

Thanks to everyone who — knowingly or otherwise — helped me get to this place.



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2 responses to “… with a little help …

  1. Jim

    I mostly just poke fun at you but i will tell you that I am impressed by what you have done.
    Welcome back! Let’s go ride!!

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