100km @ 30 km/h

100km at 30kmh

I continue to be amazed at the body’s ability to heal … and at the seemingly magical powers of cycling.

Today marked three weeks since my first nervous ride out on the road. Since then it’s gone pretty well — way better than I ever would have imagined.

This morning I left early to try to beat the rain. Figuring that the ride would be cut short, I started riding a little harder than I otherwise would have. But it brightened up, the rain held off, and so I kept going.

100km is my minimum threshold for calling a ride a “long ride”.

At 80km today I decided to go for “long ride” status. I made it, though the last 10km were pretty hard.

Crazy thing is that I still can’t quite walk without a limp, but if you saw me on the bike you wouldn’t think anything was out of the ordinary … until I showed you my scar. Which I did today while briefly riding with another rider I’d come up on. It’s always good for a “wow”.

I think I have to stop using my handicap parking tag though, when parking at work. People are starting to look at me in a funny (not-good) way.


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  1. Ray Russell

    Wow, that is great news Brian! Glad to hear you are back on the bike. Quite incredible given that x-ray from a few months back. Yes, the body is a marvelous machine. Hope the progress continues!

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