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One step back

Over the past 6 months I’ve not had to deal with the “2 steps forward, 1 step back” type of progress that people warned me about. It’s been a forward progression — linear at first, then exponential once I got on the bike and on the road again.

That changed about 2 weeks ago.

Thinking back even farther, I had these occasional “twinges” in calf, or back of my leg while walking. But it went away quickly or worked itself out while riding. Then something triggered it — some new PT exercises, or too much yard work or a combination of both (I think).

I went from walking with only a slight limp, to back to using a cane again.

Diagnosis? Consensus between doctor, PT, and massotherapist is sciatica. Something in there is aggravating the sciatic nerve. The crazy thing is that it moves around: back of the leg, all down the leg, in the foot, in the calf. Riding sometimes seems to help, sometimes doesn’t. I’m doing lots of stretching, PT, massage, and trying to pay attention to what might aggravate it. Chiropractor might be next up.

Dana, my wonderful massage therapist, says “you have a new anatomy now”. It feels that way — different. And I’m always aware of it — sometimes more, sometimes less. But it’s always there. Makes me think of all the different parts — the nerves, muscles, tissues, bones — that make up the body. All the different things that could go wrong. It’s pretty amazing that it doesn’t go wrong more often.

(BTW: Dana’s website is here: She’s pretty terrific)



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