Back to Double-A

After last week’s bad experience doing the Shootout ride, I didn’t really want to do it again. But on the other hand I was feeling like I needed to do it.

I happened to be reading about MLB spring training going on out here in Arizona, and about guys doing rehab assignments in the minor leagues.

There was my solution: I would do the “old guys” ride, which leaves 10 minutes before the (real) Shootout. That wasn’t what my ego really wanted, but it was the solution that made sense.

I hooked up with the group about 15 minutes into the ride. The group was pretty big — 60-70 riders, and not many of them “old guys”. 10 minutes later they passed the “Game On” starting point.

Whereas last week I was doing all I could do to just hang on, this week I was actually riding at the front and going with attacks — a familiar, yet at this time very strange sensation. It’s been 10 months since I last felt that.

When we finished the hard part, I stopped and waiting for Shawn and Aaron who were coming up with the Big Boys. We rode up Madera Canyon, and I knew that had been the right decision. Had I done the fast(er) ride, pretty sure I would have been limping home (again).

I also had the voice of Jim Behrens in my head, telling me that I’d done the right thing. (thanks, Jim)



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4 responses to “Back to Double-A

  1. Jim

    Good man!! BTW, you are welcome. I am glad it was a better experience for you. You completed the whole ride and were not suffering for having done it.

    It is funny, I know how to hit certain moves in wrestling. My mind still knows what to do and it tells me that I can do it.
    My body, on the other hand, refuses to listen. I don’t have the strength nor the speed to do what was once pretty easy. All of a sudden I am on my back and usually I am getting hurt while getting there. WTH!!!!

    Ego! As we get older, ego just makes us do stupid things.

    • Brian

      It was pretty amusing — early on a guy went off the front, and my legs literally twitched, like they wanted me to jump after him.

  2. Anonymous

    Now you can understand why I do the occasional Masterbator race.

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