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Wow, free food!

You come home from Walmart and find that they didn’t charge you for one of your items. Do you go back and ask them to please put it on your credit card? Probably not, unless you’re that rare person who is just goodness to the core. But you probably also feel a little guilty about it.

What if it’s your favorite local bike shop? Or your favorite local grocery store?

I came home from my local Heinen’s grocery and found that another customer’s bag somehow got mixed in with mine. When I opened it there was that initial moment of disorientation: huh? when did I buy a pound-and-a-half of salmon filets and pound of ground turkey?

Then I realized what had happened. Wow, free food!

But I like Heinen’s. It’s well run, they have a good product selection, and it’s no more expensive than the big-chain alternative. Both my kids used to work there.

So I called them up and told them what happened. Since it was perishable food, they were not allowed to take it back. Even though it happened just 5 minutes ago. It was mine “to enjoy”.

Wow, free food!

Except. What am I going to do with a pound-and-a-half of salmon filet and a pound of ground turkey? I already have my own “perishable food” to cook and eat.

You’ve heard of “carb loading” before a big event? Well for the next couple days I am “protein loading”, whether I need it or not. Starting with grilling salmon filets out in the snow, along with the chicken and chorizo I had already bought. The leftovers are going to be turned into salmon-scrambled-eggs for breakfast, salmon-and-capers pizza, chorizo and goat cheese pizza, chicken and chorizo … something.

The cat may end up becoming a turkey connoisseur.

And I am going to need to ride extra-long today.



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